8km Results 2019

1Conail Cooper28.56
2Larry Murphy31.23
3Eoin Dolan32.34
4John Dolan 32.57
5Austin Codd33.36
6Rory Lacey34.29
7Diarmuid Fenlon35.00
8Morgan Gahan35.00
9Niall O Reilly36.09
10James Donohoe36.12
11Oisin Stafford36.16
12James Mernagh36.17
13Colin Hawkins36.52
14Michaela Hawkins37.04
15Chris Squance37.40
16Ronan O Leary38.04
17Karl O Byrne38.45
18Podge Stafford38.50
19Conor Dolan39.11
20John Carton 39.41
21TJ Breen40.28
22Damien Donnelly40.52
23Micheal Stafford42.11
24Orla Stafford42.22
25Tommy Breen 43.52
26Jason Breen45.03
27James DeLacy45.13
28Anne Stafford45.20
29Liam Stafford45.20
30Liam Brennan45.20
31Padraig Brennan45.20
32Mary Carton45.20
33Leah Donnelly45.39
34Anna Dolan45.39
35Mairead Carthy45.43
36Peter Mernagh46.26
37Brian Lacey46.47
38Noel Winters46.47
39Paula Lacey46.53
40Andrew Fenlon46.53
41Liam Holohan47.57
42Ian Rigley48.26
43Alan O Neill49.18
44Bridget O Loughlin49.50
45Aine O Loughlin49.50
46Lisa Stafford50.09
47Odhran Stafford50.09
48Dillon Brady51.48
49Ryan Collier51.49
50Stephen O Leary54.30
51Aidan Finn55.20
52Catherine Fenlon85.00
53Martina Murphy98.00
54Frances Murphy98.00

4.5km Results 2019

1Shane Codd25.17
2Colm O Loughlin26.06
3Matt Butler26.06
4Rosemary O Loughlin28.49
5Cian O Loughlin28.49
6Nicky Stafford31.57
7Kate Stafford32.09
8Tara Stafford32.18
9Matt Stafford32.18
10Ronan Sweeney33.33
11Murt Sweeney33.33
12Grainne Sweeney33.44
13Margaret Leacy36.44
14Aaron Lacey36.44
15Mary Butler40.41
16Jack Butler40.42
17Anne Butler40.47
18Yvonne Sweeney43.54
19Anna Rose O Byrne44.36
20Ruth Sweeney45.18
21Lorraine Leacy45.18
22Juliette O Byrne50.49
23Karl O Byrne50.49
24Arthur O Byrne50.49
25Andy Fenlon53.1
26Jack Turner53.1
27Bobby Codd53.1
28Sid Jones53.1
29Rita Fenlon53.2
30Anne Murphy53.2
31Martin Breen53.44
32Andy Rigley58.24
33Gret Sweeney60.3
34Ciss O Brien60.3
35Rose Breen60.3
36Benny McCabe60.3

Junior B hurling v Rapparees

The eagerly aniticpated clash between the third teams of ourselves and Rapparees had to be delayed for 15 minutes this evening due to crowd congestion, but the patient crowd were rewarded with a fantastic display of scoring from both teams, with the final score being 2-19 to 0-31 in favour of the Rapps. Despite some heavy defeats to the Rapps in the last two years at this level our lads were as determined as ever. No stone was left unturned by management, and every detail was carefully analysed. Keith Swaine got a new plastic hurl for this 2018 season as he was nearly single handedly responsible for an ash shortage in Western Europe. He also reckons it allows him to get a crisper strike and I think this evening could have been the first time ever that a foam roller was seen in a Junior B dressing room.

The game started off well with Niall O’Loughlin opening the scoring, but the Rapparees were playing with the wind and proved to be more accurate to give them a 0-02 to 0-07 lead. An over the shoulder shot from the sideline by Colm McGannon and a few frees by Niall O Loughlin helped to close the gap to only a couple of points before the Rapps got another flurry of points to lead by 0-15 to 0-08 at half time. Playing with the wind in the second half our lads were reasonably confident of closing the gap, and the second half started brilliantly with a goal from Niall o Loughlin and a point from Conall Nolan. Another two points  each from James Gahan and Conall Nolan meant we closed the gap to just two points at one stage. Unfortunately, the Rapparees were able to introduce some fresh legs in their forwards and they got on top again.

Despite only missing one free, Niall O Loughlin was removed as free taker by Colm McGannon, who insists on perfection. His confidence was to be admired as he struck a long range effort from inside our own 65 straight over the bar, despite Ger Millar telling him not to take it. A second goal from James Gahan and another McGannon free once again closed the gap to just 2 points. The game was in the balance until the referee gave a harsh free to the Rapps, it was probably one of the few times in the game that Keith clearly hit the ball, but the referee didn’t change his mind despite some polite questioning from the sideline. A late flurry of 5 unanswered points by the Rapparees meant they ran out deserving winners, in what was a cracking game of free flowing hurling and some great scores.

Team: Darren Millar, Padraig Stafford, Barry Millar, Keith Swaine, Colin Hawkins, Peadar Lacey, Adrian O Loughlin, Conall Nolan, Arran Breslin, Colm McGannon, Niall O Loughlin, James Gahan, Cathal O Leary, Eugene Breslin, Micheal Stafford.

Scores: Niall O Loughlin 1-09, James Gahan 1-03, Colm McGannon, 0-04, Conall Nolan 0-03

Junior A football v Volunteers

The mighty Junior A footballers kept their 100% away record over the last two seasons with a 1-08 to 0-08 point victory over the Volunteers in Pairc Charman this evening. Management received a boost midweek with the news that Daire Turner was not available. Nonetheless we had 17 lads on the day with the return of Stephen Murphy for his first game since the 2016 Junior B county final proving to be a big boost.

The game started slowly and got gradually slower, with the heavy pitch not suiting our dynamic running game.

Two nice points from Rob Breen were divided by a rasper of a shot from Micheal Gahan to leave us 1-02 to 0-01 ahead. The Vols responded with a few points of their own until Mark Walsh pointed shortly before half time to leave the score 1-03 to 0-04 in our favour.

At half time Barry Murphy started a game of keepie-uppies which meant he got more touches of the ball during the interval than he did during the game itself. Further good news came at half time with the removal of Denis Walsh.

The second half started well and we managed to have most of the possession. Robbie Donnelly got our first two points of the second half, while Stephen Murphy and Pauric Walshe were very good under the high ball. Some woeful shooting from the usually accurate Rob Breen and the usually inaccurate John Murphy meant that our dominance didn’t show on the scoreboard, and the Vols got a couple of points to keep them in the game. We finished much the stronger with Pauric Walshe and Mark Walsh getting our last 3 points between them to see us to victory.

Team was:

Colin Hawkins,Pauric Walshe, Barry Murphy, James Donohoe, Lee McHale, Brian O’Loughlin, James Gahan, Mark Walsh, Sean McCabe, Stephen Murphy, Robbie Donnelly, John Murphy, Denis Walsh, Rob Breen, Micheal Gahan. Sub’s: Sean O’Leary for Denis Walsh, Peter Mernagh for Rob Breen, Rob Breen for Brian O’Loughlin.

Scores: Micheal Gahan 1-00, Robbie Donnelly 0-02, Rob Breen 0-02, Mark Walsh 0-02, Pauric Walshe 0-02.


Biggest Loser Cycle 2018

The Biggest Loser Cycle is taking place this Sunday, the 29th of April starting at the GAA Grounds in Monageer. There are two different options, the 16km cycle and the 50km cycle. The event is free for all biggest loser participants, and there is a charge of €10 for any visitors, and €20 for a family. All are welcome to attend, helmets must be worn and children are to be accompanied by an adult.

2 KM Run/Walk

Josie Gahan 16.20
Grainne Sweeney 16.45
Juliet O Byrne 16.45
Anna Rose O Byrne 16.45
Arthur O Byrne 16.45
Alex O Byrne 16.45
Patricia O Byrne 16.45
Rose Breen 17.20
Ruth Sweeney 17.36
Gret Sweeney 17.36
Mary Butler 17.50
Andy Fenlon 17.50
Andy Rigley 17.50
Molly O Loughlin 17.58
Joshua Larkin 19.00
Kayla Rose Larkin 19.00
Samantha Larkin 19.00

3KM Run/Walk

Fionn Stafford 16.26
Ella Cooney 16.45
Adam Power 17.20
Eoghan Whelan 18.38
Cathal Whelan 18.38
Tadgh Dunne 19.00
Jack Larkin 19.49
Liam Stafford 20.03
Matt Butler 20.10
James Somers 21.25
Simon Power 21.34
Niamh O Loughlin 21.50
Ellen Stafford 21.56
Odhran Stafford 22.53
Cian O Loughlin 22.53
Jack Butler 23.50
Grace Stafford 32.30
Helen Deacon 34.12
Valarie Deacon 34.12
Amy Rigley 34.12
Jennifer Deacon 34.12
Sarah Turner 34.35

8KM Run/Walk

8KM Run/Walk
1 Conaill Cooper 30.05
2 Eoin Dolan 32.26
3 Ian Hawkins 32.50
4 Rory Leacy 33.00
5 John Dolan 33.02
6 Liam Gahan 33.24
7 Diarmuid Fenlon 33.26
8 Austin Codd 33.52
9 Ian Rochford 33.54
10 Lee McHale 34.02
11 Bryan Dwyer 34.05
12 Niall O Reilly 34.22
13 Patrick Kinsella 34.35
14 Oisin Stafford 34.47
15 Liam Cooney 34.48
16 Chris Squance 35.14
17 Paddy Walsh 35.16
18 Matt Stafford 35.20
19 Conor Dolan 35.44
20 Michael Walsh 35.49
21 Richie Moore 36.15
22 Podge Stafford 36.25
23 Stephen Murphy 36.35
24 James Donohoe 36.46
25 Sean McCabe 36.51
26 Mick Sweeney 36.57
27 Morgan Gahan 36.57
28 Fran Stafford 37.06
29 Damien Fenlon 37.23
30 Niall O Loughlin 37.27
31 Chris Daly 37.31
32 Micheal Gahan 37.37
33 Padraig Stafford 38.02
34 Anna Murphy 38.20
35 James Mernagh 38.30
36 Karl O Byrne 38.43
37 Daire Walsh 38.44
38 TJ Breen 39.00
39 Micheal Stafford 39.14
40 Orla Stafford 39.16
41 Mary Carton 39.20
42 Aidan O Brien 39.33
43 Georgina Whelan 39.33
44 Damien Donnelly 40.07
45 John Carton 40.10
46 Podge Flynn 40.31
47 Peter Mernagh 40.40
48 Colin Hawkins 40.50
49 Shane Codd 41.20
50 Michaela Hawkins 41.27
51 Robert Doyle 41.57
52 James Donnelly 42.47
53 Tommy Breen 42.50
54 Sharon Murphy 43.46
55 Jason Breen 44.00
56 Mark Gahan 44.01
57 Dawn Thomas 44.28
58 Niall Dolan 44.48
59 Evan Dunne 44.48
60 Jean Mernagh 45.04
61 Bridget OLoughlin 45.21
62 Noel Winters 45.25
63 Brian Leacy 45.25
64 Ronan Sweeney 45.38
65 Martin Sweeney 45.38
66 Josh Rigley 45.51
67 Julianne Kehoe 45.51
68 Thomas Dreelan 45.61
69 Shane Gahan 46.10
70 Liam Dunbar 46.46
71 Ian Hanley 46.46
72 Aidan Gahan 46.46
73 Anne Stafford 47.05
74 Paula Leacy 47.05
75 Lisa Stafford 47.38
76 Anne Butler 47.38
77 Roisin Cooney 47.55
78 Patricia Brennan 48.11
79 Sean Leacy 48.26
80 Peadar Leacy 48.30
81 Ciaran Leacy 48.30
82 Emily Kinsella 48.45
83 Sofie Fahy 49.04
84 Simon Fahy 49.04
85 Aine O Loughlin 49.17
86 Julia Fahy 49.56
87 Micheal Somers 50.00
88 Julie Dunne 50.30
89 Anna Dolan 51.35
90 Rose Codd 51.35
91 Alan O Neill 51.44
92 Julie Gahan 51.56
93 Paul Whelan 52.35
94 Ian Rigley 52.44
95 Emma Smyth 52.52
96 Euan Pender 53.00
97 Joanne Cleary 53.00
98 Yvonne Sweeney 53.36
99 Mary Breen 55.10
100 Matthew Hanley 55.30
101 Ryan Collier 56.00
102 Jack Turner 59.10
103 Ray Kehoe 66.00
104 Ed Rowsome 66.00
105 Ellen Mernagh 69.00
106 David Mernagh 69.00
107 Gerry Reilly 69.00
108 Raymond Kehoe 71.40
109 Christopher Kehoe 71.40
110 Ger Turner 71.40
111 Carrie Reilly 72.55
112 Geraldine Gahan 74.58
113 Marie Moore 74.58
114 John Stamp 76.00
115 Martina Murphy 80.00
116 Eleanor Hawkins 81.33
117 Mervyn Hawkins 81.33
118 Martin Breen 82.29
119 Joanne Codd 82.30